Rules (Elmvale Womens Ball Hockey)


Springwater Women's Ball Hockey Rules


Section 1- Teams/Rosters

·        All players must be registered prior to playing.

·        A team must have 6 of their own players present before borrowing from another team.

o   You may borrow players (who are registered in the league) up to a maximum of 10 players total

§  For example: If you have 6 of your own players, you can borrow 4 from other teams. If you have 7 of your own players, you can borrow 3 from another team. Etc.

·        Goalies are not included in your 10-player maximum number (you may have 10 runners plus a goalie per week if you are picking-up players)

o   If you have a minimum of 11 of your own players present, you must dress your own goalie with the equipment provided by the township

o   You may only borrow a goalie from another team if your roster is short for the week and you pick-up players

§  For example: if you meet your 6-player requirement and pick-up 4 additional players, you may also pick-up a goalie from another team


·        If a team does not have 6 of their own players, it will be an automatic forfeit. However, the game may still be played for fun.

Section 2- Team Captains

·        You will act as a communication liaison between your players for all issues around scheduling, rules or regulations.

·        You will be responsible for attending any team rep meetings and providing feedback to the club.

Section 3- Equipment

·        Helmets, gloves and shin pads are mandatory.

·        Players may wish to wear other equipment for safety.


Section 4- Referees

·        All decisions made by the referees are final.

·        Please remember these are volunteer referees.

·        Any minor penalty will result in a two-minute penalty with running time.

o   If a team is playing short- handed because of one or more minor or bench minor penalties and the opposing team scores a goal, the first of such penalties shall automatically terminate.

Section 5- Suspensions / Fighting

·        Fighting will not be tolerated under any circumstance. All decisions made by the referees are final.

·        Fighting will be resulted with an immediate ejection from the game, followed by a 2-game suspension.

·        Fighting will also result in a meeting with the executive team where the nature and degree of discipline will be determined by the severity of the situation. Which could lead to an ejection from the league without refund.

Section 6- Icing the Ball

·        Icing the ball is completed when an attacking player shoots the ball from inside his/ her blue line and it crosses the defending teams’ goal line.

·        When the ball is touched or deflected by a player of either team after it has crossed the attacking blue line, the icing should be nullified.

Section 7- Off-side

·        The floating blue line works as follows:

o   Off-sides are determined at the defending team’s blue line.

o   Once the ball enters the defending team’s zone by crossing the blue line, the offensive zone then expands out to the red line.

o   If the ball goes out of the expanded zone (by crossing the red line into the attacking team’s zone), then the attacking team must clear the blue line.

o   The ball must enter the zone first.

Section 8- Starting of Game

·        All games shall start on time or as close to the scheduled start time as possible.

·        Periods will run as followed with stop time:

o   Period 1- 10 minutes

o   Period 2- 10 minutes

o   Period 3- 12 minutes

Section 9- Playoffs

·        All teams are eligible for playoffs

·        In the event that teams are tied at the end of regular season, the following formula shall be used to determine team placement for playoffs purposes:

1. Most wins

2. Head to head play

3. Season goal differential (goals for minus goals against)

4. Most goals for

5. Head to head goal differential

6. Least penalty minutes

7. Coin toss

·        Playoff schedules will be available 7- 10 days prior to the beginning of playoffs.

·        In the event that a playoff game is tied at the end of regulation time:

o   Teams will remain in the same ends as they were for the third period.

o   A five minute 4 on 4 sudden victory overtime period will be played.

§  If the game is still tied a shoot-out will take place. Teams will shoot simultaneously until a winner has been decided. No player may shoot twice.

·        The playoff bracket will be attached.